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For over a decade, Myfox has been committed to redefining home security with simple, unique solutions. Unlike traditional detection systems, Myfox offers true security and peace of mind through proactive deterrence.

Graphic timeline of major events in Myfox’s history and the connected home revolution.
The concept of deterrence before detection was born.
Jean Prunet, head of one of the top security lock companies in France, realized that the smarter way for people to keep their belongings safe lied in deterrence, not detection.
Birth of Myfox and of an innovative, smarter sensor.
After over 10,000 of in-depth research at one of the top labs in France, the first version of IntelliTAG™ detection technology was created. The patented vibration sensors attach to doors, windows, and personal belongings to alert you at the first sign of an attempted break-in.
ADERMIP Innovation Award
Things get even smarter.
Jean-Marc Prunet, Jean Prunet’s son, assumes leadership of the company and moves on to pioneer the world’s first connected home security solution.
Crowned ‘Innovation of the Year’ by the Private Security Awards
Myfox is recognized as a consumer brand.
Myfox products are widely distributed within major retail stores in France.
Myfox is elected Best Product of the year at the European Consumer Awards
All eyes on Myfox.
Myfox expands distribution to the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland and becomes a European leader in connected home security. More than 25,000 units have been installed worldwide, with over 100,000 windows and doors secured with IntelliTAG sensors.
Honored by the 2013-2014 Home Awards and Deloitte FAST 500 as Hardware company with the highest growth over 5 years in Europe
Coming to America.
Myfox gets a CES Award and is coming to America.


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