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Your Family, Your Home
That's what matters most

We build Home Security
around YOUR needs
When something happens,
You want to be warned
and be able to react immediately.

  • Instant SMS, Email and push notifications
  • Immediate Emergency Call
Who's better to watch over your loved ones than your friends and family?

They are your Trusted Community

  • Access rights especially building for your community
  • Immediate temporary access to your cameras (30 minutes)
And if you want more security, you can choose

24/7 Professional monitoring

with no long-term contracts to sign

  • Always on. Always ready
  • Total freedom, just one tap away: Subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you want (1 month minimum).
Your home has never been so safe.
home security and surveillance
24/7 Professional Monitoring
On-demand, no commitment, insurance discounts
From $9.99 / 33 cents per day
Our 24/7 On-Demand Professional Monitoring service ensures your peace of mind.
A highly-trained team of professional security operators will receive the alerts, call you, and dispatch local authorities to your home if needed.
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Truly efficient and robust solutions
We detect and deter before
intrusions. Others don't
Thanks to movement and vibration analysis, the IntelliTAG™ is able to make the difference between normal events and actual threats.
Protected doors and windows
of the time, he moved on
We make sure we answer
a simple question:
What if?
What if my Internet and power go down?
  • Battery Backup
    Our devices are built to go on despite power outages.
  • Cloud-based backup
    All information is instantly sent to the Cloud, ensuring nothing is lost.
  • Tamper protection
Simple, Seamless, Caring
  • From your smartphone

    Manage your Home Security, keep an eye on your home and loved ones, just a click away.

  • Easy set up

    Set up your system with a few taps on your smartphone, wirelessly, and without any tools.

  • Automatic disarming

    Come and go without worrying. The alarm automatically disarms when you get home, while avoiding any false alarm.

  • Privacy management

    Thanks to its motorized shutter, the camera opens when you leave and closes when you arrive, ensuring true privacy.

  • Fast delivery
  • Easy return
  • Secure payments