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Myfox Security Camera

Myfox Security Camera is the only home video camera that gives you true security and privacy thanks to a motorized shutter that blocks recording.
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Myfox Security Camera
Myfox Security Camera Myfox
Security Camera

The only security Camera with a privacy shutter The only security Camera with a privacy shutter

Myfox Security Camera - 2-Pack
Myfox Security Camera - 2-Pack Myfox
Security Camera 2-Pack

Save $79 buying this pack of two cameras Save $79 buying this pack of two cameras

Myfox Security Camera - 3-Pack
Myfox Security Camera - 3-Pack Myfox
Security Camera 3-Pack
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Save $138 buying this pack of three cameras Save $138 buying this pack of three cameras

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From $29.99
Wall mount for Myfox Security Camera

Camera bracket to mount the camera on a wall or cabinet

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Keep your privacy

With Myfox Security Camera, you can choose when you want
to record by closing or opening its unique motorized shutter
with a simple tap from your smartphone.
  • Keep your privacy
    when home
    With the Myfox unique shutter, you can keep your moments at home private. Close it and open it with a simple tap right from your app.
  • Talk and listen
    from anywhere
    With its 2-way audio communication, Myfox Security Camera lets you talk and listen using your smartphone. Connect with your loved ones even when you are away.
  • Enjoy all details
    You can zoom easily in the video up to 4x and watch all details thanks to the Myfox unique Magic Zoom.
  • Do not miss
    Go easily through up to 7 days of video recording using the timeline.
    A subscription to our CVR service is required to access your video history.
  • Choose what to secure
    Select the areas you don’t want to detect, such as your couch where your dog always takes place, and secure only what matters : your windows, doors, or other critical spaces.
  • Shutter Control
  • Speak - Listen
  • Zoom
  • Timeline
  • Selective detection
Self Monitoring
  • Live video
  • Movement detection notifications
  • Unlimited snapshots (from live video)
  • Community alerts
Continuous Video Recording
$4.99 / month
  • Live video
  • Movement detection notifications
  • Unlimited snapshots (from live video)
  • Community alerts
  • 1-Day Continuous Video Recording
Already own Myfox products? Go directly to your Myfox Security app.

Add $5 and get 7-Days Continuous Video Recording on your camera

Enjoy discounted prices for additional cameras on Continuous Video Recording $2.50 / month for 1-Day | $5 / month for 7-Days

Unplugged ?
Keep an eye on your home even when the power is out
  •   Battery Backup : Continues functionning for up to an hour
  •   Internal Storage : Keeps recording any detected motion locally
  •   Cloud Storage : Sends recorded footages automatically to the cloud when the power is back*
*Available with our Continuous Video Recording plans
MyfoxVision™: The Best
in motion detection
Do not worry about false alarms thanks to MyfoxVision™: the unique technology that combines infrared detection and image analysis.
Power Supply: 5V/1.5A
Body: Polycarbonate, RAL9003
Connection: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
myfox security camera 1.7 in.
myfox home alarm 3.5 in.
Compatible with Myfox Home Alarm
H264 / AAC
Video camera
1/3’’ CMOS 2MP sensor,130°(diagonal) fieldof view
Magic Zoom x4
720p high definition at 30 fps
Infrared motion detection
Night vision with built-in IR-cut
2-way audio
Motorized privacy shutter
Smoke alarm detection
Optional recording services
Optional wall mount
FCC/CE certified


User Reviews

Customer Reviews: 20 review(s)
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Great camera, easy to use

After quite a bit of searching and researching security cameras I came across this one. Since everyone has different needs for their cameras you may or may not find this to be the one for you. Our goal with this camera was to simply use it to monitor our senior dog while we are away from the house. Using the phone application we can be out and about, open the app, and see what he is doing (sleeping). This adds a nice peace of mind that he isn't having problems while we are out. When we come home we simply turn on the privacy function and the shutter closes. This was the killer feature we wanted. When not being used, I don't want the camera on and "watching"

Now for the functionality of the camera. Works well with good video quality. Has night vision (which works great) and you can listen in on the room. We don't use the motion sensor as the dog would trigger it when he moves around. You can also "talk" through the camera but this is also a function we don't use. We are very pleased with the quality of the camera and ease of use of the andriod app.

Setup was very quick and easy. Had it up and running in less than 30 minutes. Have it installed on 2 andriod phones and 1 ipad. We do not use the cloud storage and really don't see the need for it in this configuration. We got it to monitor our dog while away and it fits the bill perfectly for this.

To go further, we just order the Myfox home security system and plan on using that for more traditional home protection. We will integrate the camera into that system once we get it. Will post a review of that product once it is up and running.

Review by M.Chilli
Great first step in upgrading the tech of our home

This is a great home monitor. There are 2 key features that have made this great for our family. The two way communication, allows my kids/sitter or maintenance person to communicate directly into the unit. The other winner is the ability to control the shutter from my iPhone. In the event I (or the kids) close the shutter, I can access the shutter controls on my phone. Very intuitive and easy camera!

Review by B.Anderson
Awesome security camera that offers privacy

Love this sleek, little gem of a camera! Also purchased the security device to go with it. I was able to cancel my ridiculously expensive monthly home security system and save a boat load. My favorite features of the camera are the wide angle, clear picture paired with the audio. I was worried it would be sluggish loading video through the app but it is real time based on my wifi speed. I also love how it shuts for privacy when I'm home. I would definitely recommend this as a cost saving, better quality equipment/service contract alternative to ADT, Vivint, etc.

Review by ARREN
Helps me monitor my miniature sheep

I raise miniature sheep and have been testing the Myfox Wi-Fi Security Camera in the barn. I have two cameras: one aimed inside the pen where they sleep and the other aimed at the entrance of the barn.

The camera aimed at the entrance has the motion-activation sensor installed, which immediately sends alerts to my iPhone if there is any activity (it's there to protect against coyotes, primarily). No coyotes yet but I've tested it several times and it works perfectly.

The other camera is aimed inside the pen where all 10 miniature sheep sleep. This has been especially important for me when I am on vacation: It provides piece of mind that the people I hired to care for the sheep in my absence are doing all of the tasks I've arranged for them to do.

I know this is an unconventional use of the Myfox security camera but it has met a huge need for me and I love it. Two thumbs up!

Review by Mr Deeds
It's Like 'Caller ID' for My Front Porch!

My husband and I both work at home and find the solicitors who ring the doorbell to sell products are disruptive to our work and privacy. So we installed the Myfox Wi-Fi Security Camera and within the first hour of installation we watched the gardeners maintain our yard and the painter patch the holes on the house. This camera is getting a workout! It's like caller ID for my front porch!

Great product!

Wanted to dip my toe into home security and I came across this MYFOX wifi camera. What first caught my attention was the cool design and it’s privacy shutter! I like being in charge of when the camera is watching and when it’s not. So, I decided to give it a try and very pleased I did! For now, I am using just the camera as a baby monitor and its image quality (day/night) is spot on. I can set up the camera across the room (to pull in the entire room and play area) but still zoom in, up to 4X, and to view the crib. I am very pleased with my purchase and already plan on ordering a 2nd camera and their smart home alarm for a vacation property.

Review by CL1972
Great camera!

I recently purchased the Myfox Security Camera. I really like the privacy shutter feature, makes the camera less creepy. And I was pleasantly surprised with the setup process. The app made the setup really easy. I was up and running in no time! I will definitely recommend this product to my family and friends!

Review by FAN
Security Camera with Options

This security camera has a lot of nice features, including a private setting which closes the shutter. Like some other security cameras it's controlled by an ap-myfox security, which I easily downloaded to my i-phone, and the set up was easy. This also works with Nest.
It's a bit higher tech than some of the other cameras I have used and the ap offers a time range of the day so you can check a specific time for an event or set it to notify you of an event. Also, if you're willing to pay more, continuous video recording. You can also take photos of a specific screen image (ok quality) and there's a microphone, which offered mediocre sound quality and some delay. The video is black and white and the image can be increased on your phone, but the definition doesn't improve with image size. However, it does offer pretty good night vision. Sometimes it can take a moment to pull up the camera but I believe that's more a wi-fi than camera issue.
You can set your address and set up emergency numbers. Also, this comes with power adaptors for foreign countries so you can use it when traveling abroad-nice feature if that's your intention.
We have 2 security cameras-which we use more to spy on the cats or check the sump pump than we do for security and this is the nicer of the two and has more options. Recommend. (If you have any questions, if you comment I'll try to answer them!)

Review by Ria Darling
A Wi-fi camera with a remotely activated privacy shield, it's what I have been looking for!!

First off this is an interesting design. This camera does not hang on the hall like most out of the box, you can buy an additional mount for it but it is NOT included. This camera with what it comes with sits on a shelf on a small little stand. You can angle the camera a little bit, in my case I wanted to mount it a little higher on a shelf and point it downwards but because of the stand and power cord setup I was not able to really angle it down enough, I had to move it to a lower shelf.

I will ad that this camera DOES have a pretty wide range of view so this wasn't a huge problem, but it isn't as adjustable as I would have liked. The best part about this camera, and the reason I like it is the privacy shield. I do NOT install webcams in my house in private areas, like the living room or bedrooms. I will mount them in my entry way and garage. The reason is they are easy to hack, even this one can most likely be hacked. But the fact it comes with the privacy option so you can leave the camera running but lock out audio and video and a physical cover rises over the lens is what I really like. I can have this pointed at the couch in the living room and I know by looking if it is active or not. If it is I can see the black camera lens and LED light, If it is in privacy mode it is solid white with no lens or light visible, even the App tells you what mode it is in and lets you easily turn privacy mode on or off at the touch of a button.

The overall video quality is really clear, I was able to get HD video and it gives you the option to downgrade if you need to.

The night/low light vision is some of the best I have seen in webcams. Audio delivered over it is crystal clear, I was very surprised at the frame-rate and audio levels. In fact I had a movie playing on my TV and had this pointed at it. I left the room and was able to watch the movie with near clarity through the streaming video of this in the MyFox app with very few stutters or audio lag, it was very impressive.

One thing I didn't like (besides the mounting stand and no include wall mount) was the fact I can't schedule private times. I would love to be able to specify during "X" time it is either on or in the private mode automatically. Since it does a good job capturing motion this would make it far more valuable to me, but if every time I have to activate and deactivate the privacy mode chances are I'll forget and I won't have that video playback needed in the event of a break-in, this is an easy fix through a software update but it is a bit lacking now. Overall the camera is really good and its one of the best I have seen. I would recommend it, Dropcams are similar in cost but this is the only one I have seen to date with that privacy option and that is a feature I love.

Review by Jeremy Haggard
My wife and I absolutely love Our Camera

My wife and I absolutely love Our Camera. 24/7 access with our smart phones to keep an eye on the house cleaner, nanny and heck my 9 year old when I tell him to turn off the x box and still sits on his but after he tells me he turned it off and I'm looking right at him LOL. We have a baby on the way and can't wait to use the Camera.. Sleek look and very user friendly.

Review by Gabe Regalado
excellent camera - wide angle

excellent camera - wide angle, easy to set up, easy to use.
small footprint - moveable magnetic base to change vantage point.
software (app for either android or iPhone) is decent, but difficult to rewind to see past events.

NOTE: camera has automatic light for night time. if you have a screen on your window, this light makes the camera "blind".

Review by kre8iv1
Solid camera

Camera seems good so far. Does pretty much what I expected. Easy to set up, picture quality is good, and pleasantly surprised at how clear the zoom image is.

Nice crisp picture monitoring

Small camera, big viewing results! This camera is a sinch to set up. Take it out of the box, plug it in, download the app from MyFox Security, create an account, and then you activate it. It was a simple 5 minute process. You could view it on your phone immediately. Nice crisp picture monitoring, and it allows you to hear whats going on, it has HD capability with a wide angle view, with night vision and 4x zoom, plus motion detection. It can be a two way radio, and even has a back up if the power goes out so you can continue monitoring. In the box, is the camera, power adapter, USB cable, and the instruction booklet. Very nice for in home monitoring especially for pets and children.

Review by Amazon Customer
Preferred over the Canary

We already had a Canary wireless security camera and I will say that I personally prefer this one!

First impressions, this camera was packaged beautifully! Whomever designed the packaging did a great job with a magnet closure box and padded layers to keep the camera safe in transport. It comes with adapters to accommodate many countries outlets, so this is not USA specific! The instructions are straight forward and set-up is easy, however, I was not able to connect it to my hidden wifi network; I had to connect it to a visible one.

Comparing it to the Canary, here's what I like best about the Myfox:
*The Myfox has an adjustable angle. You can rotate the camera body to angle up or down on the magnetic base. The Canary is fixed and can only be turned physically left or right. To adjust angle, you'd have to adjust what you've placed it on.
*The Myfox has two-way communication. If I am not home and Myfox detects motion and sends me a notification, I can hop on the app and say "Hello!" to whomever has come home! I can then listen to the reply and respond. It's pretty neat. Canary only records can not send voice.
*The Myfox has a privacy shutter; Canary does not.
*The Myfox has a smaller footprint and overall size.

*For an archive of recordings, you need a paid subscription to the Myfox service; Canary does not require that.
*The blue recording light is a little bright and very obvious; Canary has a soft red glow underneath instead.

Overall, I prefer the Myfox over the Canary!
*note: I am using the iPhone app to operate my Myfox.

Review by Alison RN
Affordable Technology

MyFox Wi-Fi Security Camera is the logical addition to the MyFox Home Alarm Security System. It is easy to set up and use; you can view from anywhere! Very cool. My biggest issue is where to keep it: front door, back door, inside, or outside (garage). It's so easy to make a custom fit that you can just try different spots and see what works best for you. Do you want to see who's coming to the house or who is in the house (kids, babysitter, etc.)?

Review by Sunday
Fantastic Camera with Great Quality

I currently own a Petcube and was looking for a device that would not only monitor my dog's activity during the day but also alert me if there was movement in the house while I was not there.

Install was quick and easy! You plug it in, install the app, and connect it to your wifi and you are all set.

The app is smooth, easy to use, and the quality of the picture, night and daytime, is absolutely amazing.

If you want privacy while you are home you can simply use the privacy shutter.

I can monitor the pup while I'm at work and if I go into a meeting I can check the recording where it marks movement to see what she was up to while I was away.

Overall it exceeded my expectations for the price! I will getting one for each room in my house. This product gets my highest recommendation.

Review by Norman Crochetiere
Great Camera Quality

I am very impressed with the little effort it took to set this camera up! I have another IP camera that works off of Skype and was nearly impossible to set up. The quality of this camera in comparison is 100% better. Offers superior night viewing and during the day a very detailed color panoramic view. You can click on either corner of the app screen to magnify the view. It appears that yo can go back to review footage; however, it is slow in loading up. Not sure if there is a way to do this through a PC for more expedited reviewing. So many features for such a small camera. Excellent and durable design. Would live for them to add a wall mount kit; however this unit can pretty much be placed on any flat surface and adjusted as necessary. A pan and tilt feature would also be nice. The app tends to crash especially when going into the memory mode. Probably just needs bug fixes. 8-11-15; Received an email from MyFox! They do have a bracket that is available and the bug fix was completed! Very customer responsive. Camera is doing great! The motion detection is a great feature. Looking forward to adding on to my system!

Review by Michael Hilton
Easy to Set Up, Works Great with WIFI on iPhone

This is an easy to use, good-looking little camera. I use it to keep an eye on my crate-trained dog throughout the day. The video shows up great on an iphone. I can hear if he is barking and I can even speak to him through the 2-way audio.
Easy to set it up:
1) Download the App on your Smartphone
2) Plug the power cable into the camera
3) Hold the QCode on your phone in front of the camera lens until it beeps

Review by ESVK
Good camera with good video quality

I was able to set it up really easily within a few minutes, and have been using it for a couple hours now with no problem. Looks very pretty :)

Review by kguerrero
This Camera is pretty sweet…

I already have a dropcam and was looking for another camera for the house. Dropcam is actually pretty great, but I wanted a 2nd camera so I thought I’d shop around a bit. Why not. I initially followed all the buzz and looked at the new Nest cam, thinking it would be like dropcam but newer/better, but clearly it is not… So, long story short, after shopping around a bit, I thought I’d try the Myfox Camera out and so far I am VERY pleased.

Install was easy, the video stream is perfect (same as my dropcam, maybe even a little better). The Zoom function is a little odd - Once you zoom in, the image kind of flashes then the picture comes back clearer. I think it may be the image auto-enhancing?

The app is smooth and easy to navigate through. Oddly most of the settings is under “System” and not “Settings”.

There are a couple things that really make this guy stand out for me:

1) The privacy shutter CANNOT be understated! My gf hated the dropcam in the living room right away because she felt like she was always being watched, so we moved it to the laundry area where we leave the dogs when we’re gone, and turn it on/off manually… The shutter option alone makes me want to buy this guy again if I needed to buy another camera later. The closed camera looks pretty nice [see image]

2) I saw that these guys had a home alarm too, but didn’t really bother with it initially… After a couple weeks with the camera I decided to buy their home alarm system too (especially since my packages started getting stolen off my porch!). I won’t go into too much detail here since the review is for the camera, but I will say that the two products come together REALLY nicely. The products and UI are even better when you have both. Alarm system.

Maybe the biggest negative... much like my dropcam it does have a free trial for the video recording, but then fee after... A little annoying. Free trial, then $5/month for a day rewind, $10/month for a week rewind.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for something in your house, but don’t like to have a camera in your house while you’re home, go with this one. There’s a couple things that can improve, but video image is clean and nothing else really to complain about. Do it.

Oh and if cat/dog alerts are annoying to you (like it was for me), just keep the notification mode off. You can still see the video, just don’t get a notification every time your cat rolls over

Review by Matthew
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